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LondonPharma voted Best Emerging Biotech 2012

LondonPharma (LP or the Company) was voted Best Emerging Biotech of the Year at the prestigious Oxford Bioscience Network Annual Awards Dinner on September 11, 2012. In its citation OBN praised the unique sublingual delivery route pioneered by LP for a variety of drugs. It was, said OBN, shown to be faster and better absorbed by the body compared with conventional tablets.

The Company takes already registered compounds and applies these to its patented sublingual spray delivery system, initially in limited Phase One trials to establish blood level data. These are followed by limited Phase Two trials to demonstrate efficacy against current methods of administration. Licensing to a major pharmaceutical company should follow. This is a low risk approach in drug discovery/development terms with the initial trials demonstrating suitability of the delivery technology with the drug. The limited Phase Two trials then develop further value in the product through comparison with current treatment route.

LondonPharma already has an impressive portfolio of products with Phase One blood level data in Erectile Dysfunction, Cardiovascular-lipid lowering (Statins), Addiction, Pain and Oncology already achieved. Oncology (cervical and breast) is currently entering Phase Two.

It is completing Phase Three trials in multiple sites in Africa for sublingual artemether, its anti-malarial sublingual spray which was developed for ProtoPharma Ltd by LondonPharma. ProtoPharma was acquired by LondonPharma in 2011. It uses the drug artemether which has proven anti-malarial effects. It has been formulated by us to be delivered sublingually by those with little or no medical training. The product is a pre-treatment which can be administered to comatose children and has a rapid onset of action with positive results seen within six to eight hours. Patients recover sufficiently to move on to oral treatment as necessary.

The product can be kept for up to 12 months in non refrigerated conditions and the only equipment is the spray itself. The use of our delivery system eradicates the parasite within two days as opposed to four days with intravenous quinine.

The event was held at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and celebrated the achievements and major success stories in biotech, medtech and diagnostics over the previous 12 months. Accepting the award, Clive Booles, Research and Development Director, paid tribute to the staff "whose hard work and foresight had won the award". Dr Jon Rees, OBN’s CEO, said: "With the backdrop of a tough financing climate it is great to measure and celebrate the tangible commercial achievements in UK life sciences".

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