Why invest?

An investment in LondonPharma represents a unique opportunity to support a high potential, anti-cancer product development programme LON002 which could reap significant commercial rewards.

With the advent of new immunomodulatory drugs, cancer is becoming viewed as a chronic indication. LondonPharma is positioning itself to support that market through LON002.

GMR Data reports that the market for anti-cancer drugs is worth $77 billion in 2013 and continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing areas for new drug development.

“If the current use of a proven, existing drug or treatment is restricted by its initial design and delivery, then there is a great opportunity to repurpose that drug for new and enhanced use. LondonPharma's application and know how can open up exciting new therapeutic areas, increase speeds of onset and patient compliance and can grow market size.”

David Laskow-Pooley, LondonPharma's Chief Executive Officer

LondonPharma’s management anticipates that the company should attract EIS tax relief for qualifying investors.

Updated: 13/11/14

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There were an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases around the world in 2012. Of these, 7.4 million cases were men and 6.7 million were women. The number is expected to rise to 24 million by 2035.

Source: World Cancer Research Fund International