Track record

Founded in 2007, LondonPharma initially demonstrated its expertise in repurposing existing drugs through the sublingual delivery of a treatment for severe malaria in children.

The company developed a novel, sublingual formulation of artemether for the treatment of falciparum malaria (severe malaria) in children, using a sublingual spray device.

Clinical trials have been successfully completed to support its registration for the treatment of children with falciparum malaria. The treatment was well tolerated and parasite counts decreased rapidly, accompanied by a very marked improvement in patient clinical condition.

The Phase III pivotal trial was carried out in malaria endemic areas of Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Ghana over a 22 month period from November 2010 to September 2012. The study satisfied its primary objective convincingly; to demonstrate superiority to intravenous quinine in reducing parasite counts by more than 90% within 24 hours. The reduction with intravenous quinine was 40.6%.

A joint venture company has been formed with Australian listed company, Suda Ltd, to commercialise the use of artemisinin in malaria.

Artemether in cancer LON002

Development of repurposing, life cycle opportunities and new intellectual property

This initial repurposing success spearheaded the development of other artemisinins-based drug candidates and drug candidates based on existing molecules creating life cycle opportunities for these branded and generic drugs and the development of new patent estate, patent extensions to existing drugs or an increased market size.

Updated: 13/7/14

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