About LondonPharma
Our laboratories in Norwich contain scientists with many years experience from many different fields, with expertise in product development, clinical trials management, synthetic chemistry, pharmacy, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and drug formulation.

About LondonPharma

LondonPharma is a privately owned UK biopharmaceutical research and development company with a successful track record of product development; repurposing existing drugs for sublingual delivery.

The company has product development programmes underway in various indications including cancer (LON002 in Phase lb/lla clinical trials), Lyme disease, blood-fluke, erectile dysfunction, pain, addiction and nausea using its repurposing expertise for sublingual delivery. The company’s strategy is to take its product development programmes through to proof-of-efficacy in man and then license those programmes to corporate partners.

Founded in 2007, LondonPharma initially demonstrated its expertise in repurposing existing molecules through the sublingual delivery of a treatment for severe malaria in children. A separate joint venture company has since been formed with a partner to commercialise the use of the drug in this indication.

LondonPharma is based in two main locations; its corporate head office in Oxford, UK and its laboratories at the Innovation Centre, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, UK. The company’s business model is semi-virtual combining the in-house development of the core delivery technology and science with the out-sourcing of specialist biology, toxicology, regulatory and clinical development programmes.

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Updated: 13/7/14

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